“Statement of congratulations for the excellent cooperation with «INTERLAND TRAVEL», as regards to the runners’ and officials’ transportation needs in the Authentic Classic Marathon of Athens”

INTERLAND travel part of the 32nd Authentic Classic Marathon of Athens
November 3, 2014
Beginning of collaboration with FORTHcrs
November 3, 2015

After a week from Sunday (11.09.14), and the successful organization of the marathon, I feel obliged to congratulate you for the excellent cooperation we have had to support the transportation needs of the runners and officials of the Authentic Marathon 2014.

I feel the need to offer my thanks to all of your colleagues for the excellent cooperation and disciplin in the transportation project of Sunday 09/11/14.

I wish to mention and thank you for the descend response shown by your company, the week preceding the race, to meet the transportation needs of the Marathon officials.

«INTERLAND TRAVEL» responded once more immaculately to their role, as they do every year and has been an important partner of the Marathon Racing Division. The positive result for the Athletics Federation, Athens and as a result our whole country belongs to all of us and of course to your company.

Technical Manager of Marathon.